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August 2020

— AABB is a simple collision detection based on axis aligned bounding boxes lol, gamedev language


It’s probably due to drawing same rect over and over and some collision detection algorithm kicks in when it detects off-viewport part and it speeds up, just my theory

— Touches like some kind of the rect overlaps viewport / is off viewport, when it’s off only 1px it speeds few times, pretty interesting

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— How do you know it overlaps border, i dont see that canvas size🤨 is it 100px and you write it 101px or wat.. 100 < 101 collision detection kek

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— It would be "collision" if it was the same context, but canvas lives in it's own context, same as dom elements which were "transitioned" by some css

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— So it's not about collision detection. you found some perf. effect.. why is it important🤷‍♂️

— He is always like that 🙄

— Because he thinks he is better at everything no hard feelings

— Trueee

— I do some database engine tests🤔 mysql may be used in nosql manner with myisam engine:

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— Guys I get this error on running simple node application.what is the problem.

— As the error states, you have a syntax error - that means you need to check the code for syntax errors

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