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August 2020

β€” Hmm good point, will try


Nope that's not canvas.. i was making myself a tea with ice right now, one piece felt on the canvas, that's all i know about canvas. manually logging operations maybeπŸ€”

β€” Okay, so it kinda does

β€” Visible 100k calls

β€” Off-viewport 100k calls

β€” Half-viewport 100k calls

β€” Okay, so this one is interesting

β€” This one, not touching viewport does take 200ms +-

β€” But when it touches viewport by 1px… boom, 75% speed increasement LOL

β€” Doing custom AABB definitelly fastest, it’s probably just pixel-draw based checks on the background

β€” Touches what? what you mean by "viewport" and AABB

β€” AABB is a simple collision detection based on axis aligned bounding boxes lol, gamedev language