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August 2020

— What all do i need to make ondrop react to filedrop?


I thought I only needed to hook ondrop / ondragstart event and stop propagation + prevent defaults and read files from event args lol

— Lolwait typescript what

— This does not work

— But this does

— Oh nvm chrome on macos is just bit broken

— Mdn says bad support for mobile🤔 hmm, those DragEvents are some simplified interface for drag&drop

— Smart way to debug API response - Online Editor and Chart Generator for JSON, XML, CSV, YAML documents

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— Nope it was just my broken chrome

— How good is canvas context at optimizing things that are being drawn off viewport?

— If I have some kind of infinite-canvas app is it worth the hassle to implement viewport check render/don’t render or does the canvas context ?

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— Nothing is infinite🤤 it's optimized by GPU i suppose