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August 2020



(7 + 3) 奥玉霞, please, send the solution to the arithmetic operation provided within the time amount specified to this group, otherwise you will be kicked. Thank you! (60 sec)
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— Hello

— Can anybody help me here quickly? need to include math.round{}

— Encoded_message = encodeURIComponent(:red\\_circle: \\*\\*${symbol} (${exchange}) - ${quantity*-1}\\*\\* sold at ${price} ${base}${special_msg});

this is the code snipped, want to include it at {quanity*-1}

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— And.. what is stopping you from doing it?

— I dont know where

— I want to round ${quanity*-1} but I have no idea where to include it in the code

— Functions wrap values. and within tagged templates you can also apply functions.

— Just like you would use encodeURIComponent

— Can you help me? I have no javascript skills :D

— I just gave you the solution