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August 2020

— I using axios to get Data, please tell me why first object is observer?


You are probably using vuejs and vuejs is adding observable to all data points that are used in the template.

— Or: anything that gets stored to data or comes from computed

— Language:


console.log( typeof(NaN) === "number")


— Can someone suggest library for polyfill ?


— (7 + 3) 奥玉霞, please, send the solution to the arithmetic operation provided within the time amount specified to this group, otherwise you will be kicked. Thank you! (60 sec)
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— Hello

— Can anybody help me here quickly? need to include math.round{}

— Encoded_message = encodeURIComponent(:red\\_circle: \\*\\*${symbol} (${exchange}) - ${quantity*-1}\\*\\* sold at ${price} ${base}${special_msg});

this is the code snipped, want to include it at {quanity*-1}

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— And.. what is stopping you from doing it?

— I dont know where