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August 2020

— Exactly. let me try it myself . 1 second


Ok. .push would have also worked - but it does not return the array, it returns the new length of the array

— If you do result.push('whatever'); return result that would work

— But concat is a lot better here, because we can use the return value directly, and we do not need to mutate anything

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— Thanks mate🤝

— Example:

[1,2,3].reduce((result, item) => {
return result
}, [])

— Have someone using vuejs ?

— I using axios to get Data, please tell me why first object is observer?

— You are probably using vuejs and vuejs is adding observable to all data points that are used in the template.

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— Or: anything that gets stored to data or comes from computed

— Language:


console.log( typeof(NaN) === "number")


— Can someone suggest library for polyfill ?