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August 2020

— I only point out, that blazor starts to become a thing more and more, past few months went thru crucial updates and it becomes better and better

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Also, new MS edge is built on top of chromium and MS did some merges to chromium core, i see a future posibility of microsoft trying to propagate .net runtime into chromium core, lol

— Well, that doesnt guarantee the fair content, but its better than none

— Yeah, but i am surprised how popular blazor starts to be

— Like blazor is preview of preview, it’s really young thing and possible music of future, yet people start to notice it and do some cool stuff in it

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— I noticed it because of you🤤

— Yeah, i noticed it because of my retardation

— Eggheaddidation

— But really, i am looking forward to see what happens in the future, because microsoft tends to get closer and closer to chromium core, forking it and creating their own browser, commiting some features into original chromium core and they build blazor as runtime, not as built wasm module, the virtual dom is structured in way you could implement it natively into browser

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— It either dies or we’ve got some possibility of seeing .net runtime in future browser cores lol

— Eggheaddidation is thinking that there is some chance that things like YEW will take over lol

— On the topic of edge, does anyone here play edge://surf (admittedly it's a completely unrelated question)

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