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August 2020

— I have one SVG lib written in blazor, it kind of works but has loads of JS interops, but i’ve contributed some goods in blazor source

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I’ve fixed one of main issues which slowed down js-interop and got in touch with one person who has rewritten canvas context / webgl context to blazor hooks, so you can write entire webgl / canvas apps in pure C# with computation stuff done in WASM and only interop js pretty easily, not bad but still under huge development

— That would be optionated as you said. ppl do that all the time.. comparison is what needed the most for the advanced customer ofc. ads arent articles

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— That article is huge sh!t

— I only point out, that blazor starts to become a thing more and more, past few months went thru crucial updates and it becomes better and better

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— Also, new MS edge is built on top of chromium and MS did some merges to chromium core, i see a future posibility of microsoft trying to propagate .net runtime into chromium core, lol

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— Well, that doesnt guarantee the fair content, but its better than none

— Yeah, but i am surprised how popular blazor starts to be

— Like blazor is preview of preview, it’s really young thing and possible music of future, yet people start to notice it and do some cool stuff in it

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— I noticed it because of you🤤

— Yeah, i noticed it because of my retardation

— Eggheaddidation