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August 2020

— Never heard of blazor.


Everything logrocket writes or let write is directed to their sales funnel of selling their product or finding use cases for their product. Although I must say some articles are decent

— ++

— I find framework a vs framework b tiresome.

— Blazor came with Marian, he wanted to build something there but as i suppose its abandoned project now🤔

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— It most often boils down to some heavily opinionated article

— Can't people write stuff about software architecture for god sake?

— I am craving to know how people decently implement dependency injection

— Sounds impure🤤 di wat is di and why.. im not sure how you write about some product without comparisons, thats impossible.. ofc if thats not something completely new

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— What? I can't take you serious.
there are more ways to promote your product other than comparing.

you can write about real problems that your product solves. or write about use cases of your customers and how your product helped them. there are many ways

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— I actually built some things in blazor

— I have one SVG lib written in blazor, it kind of works but has loads of JS interops, but i’ve contributed some goods in blazor source

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