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April 2017

— Of course hes not going to do this, thats why he wrote an article


It's no surprise to see yet another developer trying to push their opinion like that, it is called dogma

— "do things the way I say, which is the only ok way to do it" = pure dogma

— What the fuck, not wanting every application to bundle a giant web browser that uses absurd ram and resources is now dogma?

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— Can you not see any validity in the points he is making?

— I see lots

— I am not senselessly bashing just for the sake of it or electron even, but rather because it seems he wants to evoke some sort of big change in the habits/practices of others. This is out of control all over the internet and you have to take everything with a grain of salt, especially when someone only does the bare minimum of investigation

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— How can one be so dense

— People use electron to make web apps portable, it is not some posessed evil thing

— It definitely is

— Web apps are portable, since they run in browsers

— Yes, it is a browser, that is what a web app usually runs in