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August 2020

β€” I have a negative reaction toward React. that's all πŸ˜‰ LOL


When they put BLM labels or rename something, they ignore the (hi)story and some basic principles, like *dont bring your views into business*

β€” It doesn't happen on any of the python docs. So hmm? i wonder why

β€” Good docs maintainer🀨 keeps a good product (docs)

β€” Hello everyone I wanted information on a javascript command.
Is there a command to randomize words?

β€” That is not math.random

β€” Put words in array, generate random index, get word from array.. wrap that into your function and give it a name so you get your *javascript command*

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β€” I see it almost everywhere..πŸ˜‘ those lions are not Disney's dream characters, they should have been killed, but saved instead + you have that *68 days* label, unrelated to the event directly, where they put their views

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β€” Https://

β€” Imagine comparing frameworks based on github stars

β€” Github stars always lie🀀