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August 2020

— They mix up SJWs with JSWs


Or is it because all of these frameworks and golang are being paid for by big tech companies who have an incentive to push their politics on everyone?

Not saying that BLM is invalid, I just find it intrustive when all I want are docs, not politics

— Sounds about right.

— I guess I'm also "not allowed to say it" because everything now "Must be Censored and Cancelled" in some circles..... starting to feel like the world is being controlled by some dicatorship

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— Yes

— Yeah it has become almost impossible to get publicly annoyed of these banners without being called a racist or whatever for working against their "good cause".

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— All I want from this channel is chat about JS and you are bringing politics into it with your posts

— This *channel* is not a personal service🤤 also, its true that politics, some side of it, breaks into tech so you may ignore or may react.. if you react you take some side.. if you ignore then you are taken on that side🤤

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— I have a negative reaction toward React. that's all 😉 LOL

— When they put BLM labels or rename something, they ignore the (hi)story and some basic principles, like *dont bring your views into business*

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— It doesn't happen on any of the python docs. So hmm? i wonder why

— Good docs maintainer🤨 keeps a good product (docs)