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August 2020

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He says that Steve Jobs killed flash and I would add that those flash'ers now made a GSAP.. so, ye, switching is an option..

— Hello guys, what I the gate of web developers when everything is going to be automated with AI...

— Gate?

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— Oh, cmon, automated AI machine learning data mining.. how many times should i troll those😅 Look at the Natural Intellect of the generic man who makes the Artificial Intellect - wearing a mask, thinking that it will protect him/her - that's a real toasters..

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— Https:// (✋G502🤚👀need it now)

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— Go ahead, blame me 🤤

— I fixed my mx2s today lol xd

— Medium's dead man⚰️

— Oh, i knew you are NERD-EGGHEAD🤤