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April 2017

— I didnt say that


A "throw away your app and restart with something that is not electron" bug report is hardly helpful

— It's pretty brash

— Or do you think it's absolutely fine to include a 200mb web browser with every program

— That's not the point, the point is that it's not doing anything useful

— Thats your own personal preference

— Of course hes not going to do this, thats why he wrote an article

— It's no surprise to see yet another developer trying to push their opinion like that, it is called dogma

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— "do things the way I say, which is the only ok way to do it" = pure dogma

— What the fuck, not wanting every application to bundle a giant web browser that uses absurd ram and resources is now dogma?

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— Can you not see any validity in the points he is making?

— I see lots