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March 2017

— Wait wat


Why is there a new package manager every time I want to finally use full modern best practices instead of jquery

— Bower, npm

— And now... there's suddenly yarn? wat? where did that come from?

— Lol

— They actually have their own discord

— notafile But yarn is much faster than npm but has the same packages

— And that's a reason to start a new project and a new name and change literally everything?

— JS community, aka "Hey, I know what to do, I'll rewrite it from scratch"

— Yes. Instead of making npm and bower faster / better

— Yes they make it from scratch but it remains compatibility with npm. But if you have a project and you don't use yarn you can use npm shrinkwrap for development and production envs to avoid the Works on my Machine situations.
Maybe the immediate creation of yarn.lock is the secret of its security and velocity.

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— Hi