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March 2017

— Ok, good, as android devices have problems with adhoc



— Maybe bluetooth would work as well

— I agree that client-JS heavy sites are bad, but it's a sexy language

— I think client-js heavy sites are the future

— A sexy language?

— Since when is golang shortened to js?

— Well, I never heard of a language that is never misused. The main reason to js existence is provide flexibility to a static website, so I think it's flexible enough.

I can't think of a technology that it's abuse lead to a new use.
We have mathematics, now we can calculate things that are imposible to observe in the real world. Or physics to create a machine to reach the moon. Electricity to create networks. C, to many language derivates.
It's a perspective.
So, in general idea we use a tool until is useful and we move to better things, now we have JavaScript, soon we will have a better thing, but we would never reach that if we didn't step on JavaScript.

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— The core of the problem is a lack of understanding of functional programming imo

— Too many devs only know OOP and regard functional programming as an aside

— Even though you can, and should mix the two in js

— I can tell right away when the dev was lacking in that department and it really does adversely affect a web app

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