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March 2017

— Thanks, and no problem at all


Maybe, maybe it's bad that web rely only on using JavaScript on the client side, and as JavaScript Fan Boy still I would love to see web navigators supporting other language or standard.
On the other side JS had born to be the web client programming language.

— It is really that bad?

— It is a persistent TCP connection, which for now you can establish via an HTTP Upgrade request

— You can use many different communication protocols over websockets as well

— It is also bidirectional, which means a server may push data to a client

— In the way it's used by many websites, yes

— Yep and javascript has also some framework

— That are helpful for webdev

— There are some p2p wifi/adHoc protocols out there

— Https://

— There's some specifically for Wifi not on there, lemme look around for those