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March 2017

— An action would not be appropriate but the selection mode is in state of a datastore, and getters would be inefficient as the whole state of the store is cloned

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Since viewDomains get current state updates, I can keep it constantly updated and simply directly render the viewComponent

— Check out the code at the bottom

— Today free book is out!
MEAN Web Development

— Javascript is the cancer that is destroying the web

— Inb4 ban

— Ehh, its true regardless

— Uh I sent a few people, hope you don't mind.

— Wtf ?!

— Not that this group isn't dead anyway

— Websockets are a thing you can open and send stuff across and the thing you are sending to can send stuff back

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— But unlike other things where you send stuff and it sends stuff back it can keep the connection open and send stuff to you even if you don't ask

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