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March 2017

— Hey, you asked the same a time ago. I'll sre-end the answer I stated before.


For large file upload via XHR is recomendable to use chunked file upload. Here is a JQuery plugin that supports that:

— Hello

— How to convert a string to HTML data

— I am interpolating the string in angular

— And it happens to be a part of a json obj

— I can help

— I am making a template engine and had to do this

— The best way seems to be innerHTML instead of DOMParser

— It is the one scenario where I have found innerHTML to be faster than something

— Try this example:

var myDomString = "<div>Hello World!</div>";

var myDomNode = document.createDocumentFragment();

myDomNode.innerHTML = String(myDomString);

console.log(myDomNode.firstChild); //Object[HTMLElement]

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— For a snippet of HTML of that size, it runs as low as 0.4ms