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March 2017

— Nice, I love component based systems like that


So basically here scalability and reusability comes at cost of speed ( not that much though ) but it saves us ( devs) a lot of hours in which we can do other works

— Disagree, compute is cheap

— And "performance is everything" and posting PHP snippets a few messages later is kinda... yeah, no

— Php7 is quite performant

— The product I work upon is mainly built in PHP Symfony but there are certain components which we have built in NodeJS because they require real time data flow, similarly we have one module made in C# - to interact with some .NET services , some objective C for iOS and yeah lots of JS - AngularJS as well as vanilla JavaScript including some PrototypeJS ( mainly old code), ExtJS, JqGrid, jQuery and yeah some VBA also for excel reports

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— We might migrate to it soon or later

— Holy hell lmao

— Why not just write js in .NET instead of node at that point

— I mean, if you're already using js on the server

— It actually is Faye client server

— Ah