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March 2017

— Then, you should create those nodes and work with them, not the strings of html


I can't speak for disadvantaged devs but there is no excuse for getting "stuck" with all those guides and resources available

— I read documentation for 5 different things every day, today is Express, GitHub API, node docs, and MDN

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— Actaullly when it comes to the Web, speed is everything

— If reading the docs doesn't teach you, then you need to learn how to read docs, which isn't really a snarky comment but a reality

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— Performance us everything when it comes to the server-side.... don't let some blogger get into your head

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— Na, In complex applications say using some back-end MVC framework, it is easy to include html markup in server side templates rather than jsx

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— Server rendered apps for example

— Not everyone has a balls deep 100% client rendered js spa

— But if you do... use document fragments

— It is not only a matter of preference rather it mostly depends upon what are the requirements

— Each page of the app should be in it's own persistent document fragment, then you can change it, then clone it into a DOM node and bam, that is the fastest possible way to interact with the page in js

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