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March 2017

— So writing HTML in JS is like bypassing all those API interfaces in favor of the slowest method


The only real point at which working with HTML in js is OK is when you are parsing something from a <script> tag or some other source which does not automatically create DOM nodes

— It is all idea of react , speed is not everything, this thing nullifies the purpose of HTML5

— Then, you should create those nodes and work with them, not the strings of html

— I can't speak for disadvantaged devs but there is no excuse for getting "stuck" with all those guides and resources available

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— I read documentation for 5 different things every day, today is Express, GitHub API, node docs, and MDN

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— Actaullly when it comes to the Web, speed is everything

— If reading the docs doesn't teach you, then you need to learn how to read docs, which isn't really a snarky comment but a reality

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— Performance us everything when it comes to the server-side.... don't let some blogger get into your head

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— Na, In complex applications say using some back-end MVC framework, it is easy to include html markup in server side templates rather than jsx

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— Server rendered apps for example

— Not everyone has a balls deep 100% client rendered js spa