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March 2017

— For instance I took apart react before I even ever used it


Well that depends on how much time you have.. I have none to waste, so I'd just do what I want to do to solve a problem and move on

— Ahh.. haha

— Do you also have a motto that says "yes it was already done, but not by everybody" too? :P

— Well, I am learning still, so I need the experience

— 😂😂😂😂

— Suites you then

— To learn the DOM API, I made a template engine... and to make the template engine, I took apart an existing one and wrote my own code

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— Yeah, then you need to maintain your framework too is the thing

— To learn React, I made my own react XD

— What are Preact and redux btw?

— Redux is state management, react is view management