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March 2017

— The server is barely a few lines long


JS hv been doing that since 2013 or so... ES6 and upwards with all those insane tooling isn't helping at all

— I also build all my own tools

— Something devs should be doing

— Yeah the ability to actually build custom frameworks and tools is a skill not often asked for but extremely useful, because it shows an ability to be a key engineer and know how other frameworks function

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— Tbh, I still don't know what the heck Gulp and Grunt does... yet I been in the JSsphere for a while now... 100% pure and sane JavaScript

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— So I have a motto or principle that says, don't use a tool if you couldn't build it yourself too!

— 😂😂

— And so thats what I do before using any framework, I deconstruct it's basic concepts and roll my own

— It teaches how to use it more effectively in the end

— For instance I took apart react before I even ever used it

— Well that depends on how much time you have.. I have none to waste, so I'd just do what I want to do to solve a problem and move on

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