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March 2017

— I feel no shame in not supporting ie below 11


I will straight up redirect the user to the actual bug report that outlines what isnt supported and why

— So they can read about how debilitated their browser is

— Yeah, not only in terms of JavaScript, but in terms of security patches.

— Good luck with non-technical users

— I always try to make my stuff run without JS too anyway

— Best option... any with the whole JavaScript insanity going on.. I think those who have a problem with it are those who don't have individual minds... I mean I've coding in JavaScript and NodeJS since B.C. 10,000 and Ive never used any of those tooling stuff, as a matter of fact I've only used jQuery once in production

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— Haha

— JS devs should perhaps stop following other people's opinions when it comes to tooling and frameworks

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— Imo JS is special now because it allows easier ways to do data processing on the client instead of the server

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— I am writing a CMS, something traditionally serverside, in JS in the browser

— The server is barely a few lines long