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March 2017

— Sure, that just involves me setting up a build pipeline before I can write a single line of code


Think it's best if you write your old browser code and give it maintenance even when it's no longer needed.

— Or write in the new standard and stop transpiling when it is no longer required and have its code more maintainable?

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— I could probably finish the project in jquery by the time I've learned to set up all the tooling I need for modern JS stuff

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— Fully opiniated frameworks like VueJS, angular , etc don't have this overhead

— Angular still requires build steps

— VueJS is easy to get started

— Even then, I still have to go through the whole mess once I have any dependencies anyway

— I liked its documentation

— Yes vuejs it's simple. Include de script in you web and ready

— I'll probably learn vue for my next hobby project

— Yeah