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March 2017

— This is why I hate angular mostly, other than the syntax


To use it you either need to learn TypeScript, or learn how to port TypeScript to JS... and funnily enough the Angular docs just state "Yeah to read these do one of those first"

— As if I am going to be porting TS to JS without learning to write TS in the first place

— Yes i know, this problem exists all time

— And why not write it in es2016+ for max future proofing? Oh wait, even less support

— Henh

— If you decide use es6 syntax and support old browsers try webpack and babel it's very simple

— Or use polyfil

— Typescript also transpiles to es5 and supports all es6 features + type safety and much more

— Https://

I'm sure you've all read this before, but yeah, it's just too true

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— Read it

— Hmm