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February 2017

— Right


My apologies. I had sent request to few admins who were common admins for multiple groups. Seems this group is not owned by them. Thank you for allowing it for the timebeing.

— Other programming group admins think too high of themselves as if they are Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page. Admins of this group seem cooler though like a JS Dev should be.

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— It's easier to be a "cool" admin in a small 100 person group with well-behaved people :)

— So, v7.6.0 of Node is released and now supports async/await syntax. (Without --harmony)

— Https://

— 🎊🎉

— Good new, this article its interesting

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— Asyncawait o:

— I reckon that js fanboys are banned from certain groups irrespective of the count of group

— Just if they happen to be really obnoxious and turn everything into a JS flamewar. I think you are misunderstanding what you were banned for...

There's plenty of JS fanboys (Thomas etc.) in "certain groups"

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— 👍