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February 2017

β€” Sleep Tight 😊


Just got home from work. Does anybody else get mentally drained from working with programming? I can barely think right now. Might be time to start considering modafinil and shit

β€” I do... with php

β€” Not with js though

β€” I suppose if you have fun writing a particular lang/app it's less draining

β€” We does. In here :P

β€” It might also be because it’s just my fourth day in that company + I’m not in my home country so I hear foreign language all day long

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β€” Don't. Fighting symptoms is a bad idea IMO, fight the cause instead

β€” Which is?

β€” I was kidding by the way. I don’t even drink coffee anymore

β€” Hello world

β€” What ide do you prefer for the frontend development