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February 2017

— Overpaid bad devs


Lmao, yesterday I used Webpack to be able to use ES6 on a AWS Lambda.
Yes maybe I abused, but it was so wrong? I love the new spec

— I could tell %80 of their time was spent fixing 9000 bugs

— They just constantly bumblefuck security

— Yep

— Stuff like my bank just blacklisting a list of like 20 special chars

— I talked to a guy who breached a whole bank's mainframe because an html field literally just dumped into sql, so he typed sql queries and got everything

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— Hilarious

— Nice

— And no one believed him, so one day he did that, brought in 5 500 page binders (whole database) and slapped em down at a meeting

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— Only other guy who knew was a cto or something

— Reminds me of the PHP app where stuff was hidden by echo'ing html comments