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February 2017

— Anything above 50kb


I am very much a fan of advancing the language and making it better though... just not the same for php, that is like rolling a boulder up a hill

— I ran into planet-sized abuse once when I was working for a bank automation company

— Today a lot of people joined

— Welcome people

— Lol

— I mean, the fact alone that people are seriously shoving frameworks down the pipe that are twice as large as the images on the site is an embarrasment

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— One of the banks had their whole site running on an angular app, almost 30MB. Every page load on every page, it would load every other page... no not lazy loading... it would embed all templates into the DOM and reload them every time. So they were loading banking software on the homepage on every load

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— Hi, I've missed you :P

— And I casually found huge security breach

— You must have

— Permissions were not granular or controlled in the backend, so "user cannot do X" meant "hide button that does X". I unhid the button with the inspector and was shocked when it worked

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