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May 2020

— And ye, that's why you should rather recommend go instead of java f.e.
The language structure itself is so much more modern, the pragma is neat, it's quick, ...

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Still google brought kubernetes which is very revolutionary product...And it's coded in go. So we can say that there is massive support for go in Google.

— I think everyone should have some knowledge of every language.
If someone only knows golang and he gets invitation from challenges like foo bar...Then he will have to code in that language also.

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— Still that thing is nothing to learn anything for
And na, I believe in specialisation, ofc trying some paradigms should be a thing, oop, functional, the go one,... But in the end u should control 2/3 (or more if you're capable) languages instead of learning the surface of "every language" 🧐

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— 😁👍

— Do u have any nodeJs groups to advise me here on telegram?

— You are already here

— Ahahah

— 😂😂😂

— Well. it wasn't such a urgent need, if they didn't continue with any questions ;)

— Is there a tool where I can throw some JS into it and it explains to me what it does?

— Probably the AST Explainer is too low level?