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May 2020

— Approved, they should add js tho, they need more web devs for chrome 🧐


It's about the personal preference what language we choose for competitive coding.
What I thiught, I suggested.
There is no need to judge.

— Agreed

— That's why I said it's no reason to choose such language, cause it is a personal preference ye, but I don't see what Java should have and a language like go does not have

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— Or lacks*

— It's bit surprising though. ..golang is developed by Google Engineers...They haven't given support for it in the challenge

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— Java lacks a lot

— 🤷🏻‍♂️ Google is a mass of disjointed efforts. They own Dart too, but it's not a part of foobar either.

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— Due to golang ,there is so much revolution happened in Cloud Infrastructure and graph dB's....Due to its efficient memory management and garbage collection......BTW...dart is very much different from this.

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— Go is by a guy from Google, not by Google itself tho

— It's like saying preact is from Google cause the guy who made it works for them "now"

— And ye, that's why you should rather recommend go instead of java f.e.
The language structure itself is so much more modern, the pragma is neat, it's quick, ...

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