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May 2020

— Try toPlainHTML5 function, it will do the job


Bro I am Golang Developer....Still I am recommending cpp and java because the support of standard built in libraries that they have lacks other languages.
And second thing google conducts foo bar challenge (secret hiring coding challenge) you will be invited based on your search history.
That challenge is also conducted language in two languages..Java is one of them ...There is no rust and go.

— U r saying it because...You don't know about Julia till now?

— It is saying there is no such function.

— Crystal is faster than Julia. Julia is JIT compiled, Crystal is just compiled.

— Do you know about vLang?

— Yes I know about V. It has several issues.

— Not the least of which is massive memory leaks

— 👍

— It depends on salad module, i recommend to install

— Ik, I got the invitation for it, the other language is python which is why I got it 🤓
Still that's no reason to choose such language
And what has lacks? 🤔

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— Yeah Python is a much easier language for the foobar challenges.