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February 2017

— Its the fact im using it like a ghetto webpack


But the fact that the community built these giant useless tools that are basically just reinventing everything because why not

— Yes agreed we now have tons of grunt-... modules all over npm which just barely wrap the pre existing stuff which is usable in cli anyways

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— In general, I hate JS, JS tooling, the JS community and everything it has ever touched with a passion.

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— It is a mess and pushed me to just use make and good old shell commands

— I mean I still use it but man, it all sucks so bad

— Like a php dev hah

— The thing with php is: at least there's alternatives

— Js is the most written language so therefore it is also the most abused imo

— And can be abused on virtually any platform

— I don't think it's possible to use javascript without it being abuse

— Or if, I have not found it