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February 2017

— Since it was beyond project scope


Whats interesting to me is how easy a server api can be made with actions. You can pipe xhr responses directly to the dispatcher and run actions as if it were local origin

— I love that too. Because of that today's applications can be made realtime or very snappy, and effortlessly by developers. It's a good design to me going to a dispatcher. It's more wireless.
I tried to use in backend something like that, well not so similar but have the same magic: SenecaJS.

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You write everything as a command. Your commands get called whenever they match a set of properties. Your calling code doesn't know, or care, which command gets the work done. 

ahh yes, very similar

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— Seneca command = flux action creator

— More or less, lol

— I have heard of flux on servers recently

— What, I have to try that

— Http://

— Here's Yahoo's effort

— That seems to be more about server rendering and client/server unification

— Anyone use brunch before?