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February 2017

— Yes I imagine that later. And for the programmer it's easy as passing a storeName


So normal is: dispatcher sends creator to all stores who ask "do I know this action name?", but with the local option if the first check passes, they will also ask "is my own name mentioned?"

— ... for a more granular control over the dispatcher.

— It's interesting and I was able to see that the implementation it's small

— I got it down to 700 lines from 1000

— Without the import of your diffing project?

— It is just copy pasted in atm

— I need a build tool

— I removed an xhr helper to get 700

— Since it was beyond project scope

— Whats interesting to me is how easy a server api can be made with actions. You can pipe xhr responses directly to the dispatcher and run actions as if it were local origin

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— I love that too. Because of that today's applications can be made realtime or very snappy, and effortlessly by developers. It's a good design to me going to a dispatcher. It's more wireless.
I tried to use in backend something like that, well not so similar but have the same magic: SenecaJS.

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