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February 2017

— Why does the dispatcher is a object on fa instead of myStore?


I think there is something wrong, I don't like there is stored internally every store, and what if I like to liberate a store and the gc will not because that relation.

— It's only a point. There is always a bad pattern to use in every library.

— The wrong thing in this is that in the guide the parameters don't indicate the store, what if I have the same name of an action in different stores? All would be called?

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— Theres 2 action types, local and global. This is reflected in the store's internal interpretation of the action only. If it's local via addLocalAction then it requires an additional storeNames property as part of the Action Creator object

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— Because stores are seperate from the dispatcher, which is a singleton

— The dispatcher is a single central event bus

— Can be done by unregistering the store

— I was more asking if the guide was easy to read

— I forgot to say: it's easy enough.

— Good job

— :D