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January 2017

— Good to know


Good to all and thank you for the effort you make to the community.
I have a problem and I do not know how to solve it. I currently have an app designed for an online content player that is based on Javas type androidtv but in this case it is based on java and nothing to do with android or kodi.
Until now the files collected them from a web called but in the last weeks said web change and now before being able to download some file asks logear to be able to download.
In python it was achieved by applying the following code. But do not take it to javas to make me work the same.

If someone can rewrite the code in javascript I would be eternally grateful.

— This is code actual

— This is code in Python

— Thank you very much

— I have one question?

— Pure javascript or jquery too?

— Pure javascript

— How often do you use pure Javascript instead of its frameworks and libraries?

— Javascript only

— Why?

— The application that I have is only developed in javascript. And I'm new to the whole world of programming.

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