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January 2017

— Instead of "hello" I want undefined


I don't think so. The most similar thing could be redefining with let the variables you would use inside the function.

— But that is not on a pre defined callback

— Hmm, thought so

— I wanted to see if I could restrict what enters the callback scope

— Guess a big warning sign that says "don't put shit in here" will suffice

— Floofies I think that you could enforce that with webworkers

— That depends, I let the developer supply their own callback


dataStore.addAction("myAction", function (state, parameters) {
state.prop = "value";
return state;

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— I don't want them putting in other sources of data

— So something like this would be bad

var myAction = dataStore.addAction("myAction",
function (state, parameters) {
state.prop = someOtherDataSource();
return state;

and should instead be:

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— Guess some stern warnings about side effects and such will be enough