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December 2016

— The docs are there in that link


It seems the only way is to make an array of references to all parents of n property, then run or a polyfill on all elements of the array for every property.

— That means per enumeration iteration a secondary loop has to occur for every property and every parent of a property... I am hoping that isnt as slow as I think it is

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— Damn circulars

— Https://

— Hello guys, which unix distribution will run android studio with least RAM? i am using android studio on windows with 2 gb ram and centrino processor. but it is slower. so i switched to ubuntu 15. it is also slower but better than windows. is there any unix distribution which will run android studio with small memory footprint?

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— Debian + xfce

— Replace android studio, use simple text editor

— And use virtual box

— Not use android emulator

— I would use Xubuntu + Vagrant

— Basically what Iddar said