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December 2016

— Two actions cannot fire at the same


If you are mutating the state based on the previous state, read the state with each event that mutates it

— React does that, look for the setState docs

— I am not using react

— I am building a Flux framework

— And I am not solving a grandiose problem, I'm enabling synchronous batched action scripting

— That allows me to invoke as many actions as I want, all at the same time.

— Here it is:

— 80 lines exactly, haha

— So easy to use... to add an action you can do

store.addAction(function (state) {
state.helloworld = "Hello World!";
return state;

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— Or to not update state, simple don't return any data:

store.addAction(function (state) {



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— And so, it is possible to not have to use the store's Getter if you don't need to break out data.