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November 2016

β€” Sorry Victor_SistemasDeInformacao, that info is unrelated to this group.


So, anyone has an experience to share width AWS Lambda (on Node.js) or AWS DynamoDB?
I'm trying to get up a service with this technologies, but I don't know if they are cost effective.

β€” Do you use StandardJS?
πŸ’” No
πŸ˜“ I never heard of it

β€” November 23, 2016, 4:38 AM

Please be aware that Node.js v7.2.0 was released today and includes a small security update arising from libuv:

libuv v1.10.1 reverts a change that was introduced in v1.10.0, included in Node.js v7.1.0. The reverted code was found to contain a potential buffer overflow in output written to the console. We are not aware of any exploit of this flaw and it only impacts Windows 10 (November update and later). This flaw has been assigned the identifier CVE-2016-9551 and was originally discovered and reported by Hitesh Kanwathirtha of Microsoft.

Users of the v7 release line running on Windows 10 should upgrade to Node.js v7.2.0 at their earliest convenience.

No other version of Node.js is known to be impacted by this flaw

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β€” "Last month, npm version 4 was released, and after several weeks of debugging and fixes by the npm CLI team, the recent release of v.4.0.2 means npm4 has been promoted to npmlatest." - via NPM Newsletter

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β€” Thanks for the heads up elxris :)

β€” +1

β€” You're welcome :)
And, if any of you think there's a important news to share, don't hesitate. :)

β€” Hello everyone I'm Julian :)

β€” Hi Julian! Welcome to the party πŸŽ‰

β€” Thanks, I hope to contribute a lot :)

β€” We would be pleased 😁