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November 2016

— Then I moved to JS MVC and REST WebAPI, but MVC really hurts when it gets big! It burned my ass. MVP kissed my burned ass but it didn't help me much... Flux has been so much better :D

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So, all it is, is a project to teach me various languages, and I probably would not learn a lot by just plugging a bunch of frameworks together :p

— As for debugging the PHP... well, this is how I do it

— Hahahha

— I found this :)

— Granted, I will make my own, but still cool!

— Does anyone know if a Virtual DOM can be written to agnostically?

— Ie: If I have something that writes to the real DOM normally, could it just as easily write to the virtual one?

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— The virtual dom is one shallow copy, include minimal information with real dom

— Can is be interchangeable for something like... document.getElementById("id");

— Like so virtualDocument.getElementById("id");

— Maybe