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November 2016

— (that is, all the UI states are tied to the store state, and not storing anything in the dom elements)

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That enables you to destroy and recreate the dom at will, and made the debuggin super easy; and also enables you to restore the previous UI state (like restoring the view A if you overrided the dom with the view B before)

— Heh, I will do that in my next project for sure

— For now, the parentStore idea fills my needs

— Well, next project will be React/Redux

— I hope you understand, I am not foregoing these things now out of any need other than to learn :) I want to understand the pitfalls and needs of an application by writing a lot of the code myself, and not using a framework unless I hit a roadblock

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— Here is some pretty thngs to look at too, the project we were just discussing

— Floofies good project

— Looking good! Floofies, amazing that you are doing pretty much everything by yourself!

— Interesting study case

— Haha, well, the project started in pure PHP, not even any html templates... it was embedded in the PHP

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— Then I moved to JS MVC and REST WebAPI, but MVC really hurts when it gets big! It burned my ass. MVP kissed my burned ass but it didn't help me much... Flux has been so much better :D

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