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November 2016

— Ah, I trigger it via the usual Flux pattern of using stores and events


That code, you can see constructs the structure of the objects, then if you look here you can see the event listener is set in the factory

— So if I want to make a new ControllerView paired to the LoginPage store, I do this

controllerViewFactory("LoginPage", [viewFactory(false, procedures.renderLoginPage)])

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— The DOM will always contain a div called template-container, which, unless otherwise specified, is overwritten entirely by jQuery-Template

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— Ah

— How about having a parent store

— To have the template-container state

— So if you want to show view A, or view B

— You tell parentStore that you want to change the view

— And the parent store itself can diff only which view you want to render (A or B)

— And add the force render flag when necessary

— Hmm, interesting, I will think about this one