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November 2016

— Oh


setState transfers a copy of the store's contents to pageData, then the controllerview calls it's own render interface, which calls componentUpdate which does the diffing and returns a boolean. if true, the controllerview calls the render interfaces of it's child views in order, waiting until each promise is resolved until it moves to the next

— Great

— Floofies interesting!

— So you are doing your own renders

— And using flux for the data

— And your problem is that flux _needs_ a reactive system

— That should trigger the render methods when necessary, right?

— But sometimes you loose the sync of the data with your child nodes

— I think that if you don't want to use react / add a virtual dom dependency to your project, you may use a strategy like this

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— javierbyte your check the code?

— Https:// <- and manually call the methods of your childs when the data changes

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