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November 2016

— The diff is a problem


Right, since a view wont render if the data is the same as what it has... this is good if it's elements are in the DOM, but if they aren't, you get blank spots the next time you try to render it

— I am thinking the easiest solution would be... a controllerview that is trying to render can find all the other controllerviews that are on the same level in the heirarchy as itself, then call a resetState interface on all of those, deleting state for the child views

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— If extend de Element object and include the update data info

— And refactoring the diff object function

— The only Element include logic for re-render or not

— So use the DOM for view state instead of an object stored in the child view?

— Rigth

— Or include this logic in your render method

— The first think is the DOM is your state

— Ok, I will try to see if I can make a virtual DOM

— What if your life circle?