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November 2016

— ViewFactory create new child elements?


Each viewFactory is just a very basic object with some props (the data template, their view data, keys, the number of those keys, and finally the rendering procedure that manipulates the DOM) and a Promise generator (for view dependencies)

— Holy shit

— This group is alive

— Not quite, but their render interfaces can eventually trigger a render procedure that does

— Pastebin is more appropriate for all that code... sorry

— Http://

— Each render procedure is actually a promise, with a resolve() call after the important parts of the DOM have been loaded by it

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— This way, other views that are dependent on higher-up views can wait until those are loaded

— I chenck

— The parts that are not working OK are the componentUpdate part, it's because the child views dont know if they need to re-render

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— I do have a force argument that makes that render happen, I just don't know how to tell those child views: "Hey! Something deleted your DOM elements! Re render now!"

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