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October 2016

— Can we combine two groups into a single group


I moderate a js group which also doesnt seem active, if we could combine these two maybe it would be better

— Im agree

— I dont know what the others says

— JavaScript Enthusiasts
All about JavaScript programming language and its ecosystem.

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— Anyone familiar with the Flux pattern?

— O/

— What is the problem?

— I am rolling my own and ran into an issue with ControllerViews

— If a ControllerView takes over the DOM (deletes contents and replaces with it's own components), the older components of the previous ControllerView still keep state in the background. The next time you go to load that older set of components, and the data is the same, they won't render (per the "dont render if the data doesn't change" rule)

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— I can think of a few solutions, some good, some icky. How do you deal with it?

— Some stuff like:
Keep 1 variable that lists the last controllerview to use the DOM
or wipe state of all components in non-presenting views,
or delete those components and only create them when needed.

Currently on first init all controllerviews and their components are in memory

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